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The core capabilities at Heraeus Sensor Technology are in development, production and in the international marketing of primarily customised components in platinum thin-film technology. This includes annually many millions of Pt sensors for temperature and flow measurement as well as multi-sensor platforms. The latter are used by other manufacturers as a basis for gas and humidity measurement, but also for analytical techniques in aqueous media, for example for medical technology and biotechnology.
Our company philosophy includes contributing to the optimisation of custom-specific designs with our own expertise. Communication takes place without reservation with specialists at all levels of the added value chain. The tasks of the employees at the company include analysing every enquiry for feasibility and testing product ideas. Meetings for orientation are followed by initial estimates, realisation tests and finally the common specification of the most important product features. At the end of the development phase there are the product qualifications usual for this field of technology and in parallel the optimisation of the process parameters for reliable and efficient large-scale production. However with Heraeus Sensor Technology this does not mark the conclusion of the project. Even once large-scale production has started, products and processes are continually adapted together with the customer to reflect the state of development. The growth of experience, the continual generation of knowledge, forms part of the expressed company objectives.
In this regard this does not just involve new developments in the form of products.
All the manufacturing processes at Heraeus Sensor Technology are specifically developed so far that they run with stability, quickly, cost-effectively and orientated to the customer. A finely structured monitoring system with clearly defined parameters renders the quality of all procedures transparent and forms the basis of continual improvement. Customers of Heraeus Sensor Technology are mainly subcontractors or system suppliers for manufacturers who produce their end products in large quantities, including in the following branches: white goods (household appliances), electronics, process technology, automotive industry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and products for the life science sectors of pharmaceutics and medical technology.

Sensor Elements

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Sensor Solutions

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Sensor Modules

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Sensor Components

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